Mayfair to Hollywood via Manchester - JJ Adams goes global!

An eventful and ground breaking couple of months for our top collected artist JJ Adams reached climax in Manchester at the Buy Art Fair. Having already enjoyed a hugely successful period with the release of a sell out collection in August (as featured in British GQ Magazine) and JJ's first solo show in Scotland; one would forgive artaholic JJ Adams for having a short recess... but not a chance of that happening!

At the Buy Art Fair, fans and collectors queued on all four consecutive days to be one of the lucky 25 to receive a free Star Wars themed screen print and for a glimpse at JJ's newest release "Thumper" (shown above, RRP £495, limited to 75 editions).

Prior to events in Manchester, a fantastic collaboration was announced between JJ and the world renown electrical and stereo pioneer Bang & Olufsen, titled "the Love Affair", to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the global iconic brand. The grand unveiling of this unique partnership took place at the B&O flagship store in Hanover Square, London. JJ Adams was tasked with creating a limited edition cover for the A9 speaker, bringing in retro elements and futuristic design that embodied the Bang & Olufsen legacy. A video of the event and the commissioned piece is below, courtesy of Wishbone Publishing and J. Adams films:

The events' VIP crowd also had the privilege of seeing one of JJ's newest creations "West Side Riot" prior to general release. At an RRP of £495 and limited to only 57 editions world wide, a number to coincide with the release year of the film West Side Story; the edition sold out upon its official release. We at the gallery personally love the film poster element, signature detail and nods to popular culture including the "Straight Outta Croydon" t-shirt!

Our Director recently took the opportunity to speak with JJ Adams and the Wishbone Publishing team and can assure all our collectors that this October leading into 2016 is going to be an even more exciting period for this incredible talent... with more unimaginable, ground breaking and chandelier shattering artwork to come from the studio!

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