JJ ADAMS - New Portfolio of Artwork Released Saturday 10th!

JJ Adams with his bespoke artworks at the HYDE Kensington, London.

JJ Adams with his bespoke artworks at the HYDE Kensington, London.

...Pop culture has massively influenced my work, because everything is so bright and in your face all the time - you can’t ignore it or escape it.... You have to embrace it...
— JJ Adams

Reem Gallery is incredibly excited to announce the latest body of artworks from British mixed-media art phenomena JJ Adams! Released this Saturday 10th September at noon.

To date, 2016 has been a stellar year with further international exposure and separate collaborations with musical performers DJ Jaguar Skills and Mumford & Sons; creating bespoke and expressive artworks like only he can. As with all great artists JJ Adams is often imitated, but the soul of his work is never replicated. It's this magical touch that led newly launched restaurant & lounge bar Hyde Kensington (opposite Kensington Palace) to collaborate and commission bespoke artworks and installations to adorn their walls and interiors; giving a unique and unrivalled funky vibe often only seen in private member clubs.

JJ Adam's ceaseless pursuit of exploring and mastering new medias has led him further down the urban and street art scene. Taking his latest creation, a retro robot paste-up titled "Skeletor's Revenge", to the streets of Brighton and London! While demonstrating JJ's fearless attitude to push his boundaries and comfort zones, the paste-ups have provided collectors with a sneaky taste of what's on the horizon this Saturday 10th September.

With an impending appearance Stateside at Miami Art Basel and further US exhibitions for 2017; the journey of JJ is just beginning....

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