Ironic Banksy murals appear near Barbican in lead up to Basquiat exhibtion

Banksy is not one to miss an opportunity to poke fun at the art establishment and with the Barbican in London preparing to open their new exhibition Basquiat: Boom for Real he has not disappointed.

Discussions are being made to preserve the new murals to avoid further defacing.

The larger of the two murals sees a Basquiat figure receiving a warm welcome from the London Metropolitan Police. Jean-Michel Basquiat started his artistic life as a street artist, becoming known as King Samo with his famous crown tag. The second mural shows a rotating Ferris wheel of crowns, with paying members of the public forming an orderly queue to get in on the action. Subtle mockery that the circus is in town perhaps?

Jean-Michel Basquiat's artworks have gained alot of public interest this year following the ground breaking auction result at Sotheby's New York of Untitled (1982), which achieved $110.5 million

In another ironic twist, discussions are already being held by the Barbican to preserve the murals and avoid any further additions and tagging by other street artists, which has already occurred. If agreed on, the Banksy murals will be covered by Perspex for the forseeable.

Boom for Real opens September 21st until January 28th 2018.

All photographs taken by and property of Reem Gallery.

King Samo Lives On! Basquiat Sells for $110.5 Million

Believe it or not, I can actually draw.
— Jean-Michel Basquiat

'Untitled' (1982) by Jean-Michael Basquiat rewrites the history books.

History was made at Sotheby's in New York with a single thunderous drop of a auctioneer's gravel that brought an end to 10 minutes of pure excitement for spectators and adrenaline pumping bids for collectors. The prize was the extraordinary artwork 'Untitled' from 1982 by African American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, with the lucky and delighted collector, Yusaku Maezawa, having to part with a cool $110.5 million for the privilege.

This sale was significant for a number of reasons. Firstly it's the highest sale amount an American artist has achieved ever at auction. Secondly by doing so the artwork and artist join a small handful of historically important personalities such as Picasso, Klimt, Renoir, de Kooning and da Vinci as artists who have broken the $100 million frontier; with this achievement only occurring 10 times previously.

Zaid admiring the sheer scale of Basquiat's 'Glenn' (1984), at the MoMA in New York.

Our personal joy at seeing an artist such as Basquiat join such accomplished household names of the art world stems from his history as one of the most original street artists from Brooklyn. From spraying his signature crown and SAMO© tag with phrases in the streets of New York to record breaking auction results, Jean-Michel's success fuels credibility for the urban art movement to receive historical recognition as well as appreciation as the current leading genre of contemporary art and cultural commentary. Although he is not alive today to see the world wide awe or critique of his artworks, thanks to the patronage of Yusaku Maezawa, King Samo Lives On!