The stage is set: 'REBEL' exhibition launches in London on historic night

All the world’s a stage, and every October all the players make their entrances on the London art scene. From the galleries who launch their newest exhibitions to auction houses hammering down on their latest prized artworks to numerous weekend long art fairs; in this time the capital becomes the undisputed centre of the art world.

The launch night for Reem Gallery’s inaugural London show brought together art admirers, passers-by, collectors and artists into one merry and vibrant evening. Being surrounded by more traditional art dealers, our selection of carefully curated artists has been very well received as a welcome addition to the Mayfair and St. James area. It seems deep down there is a rebel in all of us.

Around the corner at Sotheby’s auction house, Banksy’s ‘Girl with Balloon’ sold for just over £1 million pounds and then was instantly shredded infront of aghast onlookers! An historic event for sure that was broadcast globally across news channels. A timely reminder too that despite its infancy, the street art movement is one of the most talked about genres in the world today and will no doubt have a lasting legacy.

You can catch Reem Gallery’s ‘REBEL’ exhibition until October 30th at Mason’s Yard, St. James’s in London.

Lhouette - Brixton to Mayfair



Reem Gallery is absolutely thrilled to finally announce that British urban pop art sensation LHOUETTE will be exhibiting at the iconic Dorchester hotel in Pall Mall, Mayfair. The two month residency will open in February 2017 and will revisit LHOUETTE's most poignant works from the last 5 years alongside a host of newly inspired works of art. The selection committee at ’45 Park Lane’ includes the likes of Damien Hirst and Sir Peter Blake who have previously exhibited at the venue.

Reem Gallery is privileged to consistently showcase a strong selection of original artworks for purchase from LHOUETTE; as well as commission bespoke works of art for collectors across the globe. Please contact the gallery for further information on this event and available artworks.

NEW Paste Up collection from urban artist LHOUETTE!

Paste Up collection is a mixed media ensemble of three Hollywood icons. each edition is limited to 35 pieces, each with a unique colour and composition. A lacquered resin coating covers the canvas to complete the urban pop glamour look. Contact the gallery for availability and pricing.