Sian Storey Brightens Up Camberley with Stunning Mural

On a cold, grey and windy winter morning in Camberley, Reem Gallery had a special treat as the talented artist Sian Storey braved the elements to get creative!

Over the course of the day, what was once a normal white doorway panel was transformed into a joyous celebration of nature and colour with the use of acrylics, spray paints and hand-painted pasted paper collages. It was a real pleasure to see Sian's creativity first hand again, having collaborated with fellow gallery artist Kev Munday on a mural earlier in the year. It was also fantastic to see the sheer number of smiles it brought to many passers-by who stopped to admire the mural in progress and comment on the "wonderful artwork."

For collectors and admirers of Sian's work, we currently have a selection of original artworks on canvas available online and in the gallery now. Additionally we've received alot of commission requests in the recent months, with a waiting list for completed works stretching well into the new year. Please contact Reem Gallery if you would like to discuss commissioning Sian Storey further.

Bishop launches exclusive collection at Reem Gallery

Launching Saturday 20th May at Reem Gallery is an exciting, new and exclusive body of artworks from the multi-disciplined artist Rob Bishop that is truly unique!

Taking inspiration from the $1 dollar bill, Rob has combined his love of comics and film together with his signature wood etching and painting style to create highly detailed reinterpretations of The Joker with 'Y 50 5ER10US' and his mischievous partner Harley Quinn aka 'L1L M0N5TER'.

The devil really is in the detail with Rob's art, with references to the individual films throughout, some elements more subtle than others for fans and collectors to enjoy finding.

Each piece is what we term a "unique edition" of 10 with no 2 being exactly the same as each artwork is individually created, all priced at £995 inclusive of bespoke hand finished frame.

Click through for further details on the new collection and other available artworks to purchase.

"Why so serious?" - Rob Bishop (right) enjoying a break from all the hard work put into the new collection with Zaid at Reem Gallery.

Rob has recently completed commissions for a range of collectors and corporations across the UK, including the mightily talented Ray Winston. Now working as an independent artist, Rob is able to work on bespoke projects and further push his creativity... and with what we've seen coming through we're really excited to be a part of the journey.

Please contact the gallery here if you wish to discuss commissioning our artists.