Sian Storey Brightens Up Camberley with Stunning Mural

On a cold, grey and windy winter morning in Camberley, Reem Gallery had a special treat as the talented artist Sian Storey braved the elements to get creative!

Over the course of the day, what was once a normal white doorway panel was transformed into a joyous celebration of nature and colour with the use of acrylics, spray paints and hand-painted pasted paper collages. It was a real pleasure to see Sian's creativity first hand again, having collaborated with fellow gallery artist Kev Munday on a mural earlier in the year. It was also fantastic to see the sheer number of smiles it brought to many passers-by who stopped to admire the mural in progress and comment on the "wonderful artwork."

For collectors and admirers of Sian's work, we currently have a selection of original artworks on canvas available online and in the gallery now. Additionally we've received alot of commission requests in the recent months, with a waiting list for completed works stretching well into the new year. Please contact Reem Gallery if you would like to discuss commissioning Sian Storey further.