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9 colour screenprint with varnish overlay by the one and only David Shrigley.
Measuring 21.65" x 29.53" inches, (55 cm x 75 cm), unframed. Available at £1500.
View the collection here.

Delve into the Nightmare Series of British urban artist Pure Evil this February with a splash of colour and glamour from £200 for silkscreen signed limited editions… view the full collection here.

'Rebel Without a Pause' collection available now. View the full collection here.

'OPTIC' now available from Katy Jade Dobson - we are down to our very last couple of editions following the end of January release. Available to purchase online and in the gallery now at £395. Click here for further details.

Sian Storey Brightens Up Camberley with Stunning Mural

On a cold, grey and windy winter morning in Camberley, Reem Gallery had a special treat as the talented artist Sian Storey braved the elements to get creative!

Over the course of the day, what was once a normal white doorway panel was transformed into a joyous celebration of nature and colour with the use of acrylics, spray paints and hand-painted pasted paper collages. It was a real pleasure to see Sian's creativity first hand again, having collaborated with fellow gallery artist Kev Munday on a mural earlier in the year. It was also fantastic to see the sheer number of smiles it brought to many passers-by who stopped to admire the mural in progress and comment on the "wonderful artwork."

For collectors and admirers of Sian's work, we currently have a selection of original artworks on canvas available online and in the gallery now. Additionally we've received alot of commission requests in the recent months, with a waiting list for completed works stretching well into the new year. Please contact Reem Gallery if you would like to discuss commissioning Sian Storey further.

NEW 21 Grams Collection by Katy Jade Dobson

The 21 Grams Collection has been many months in the making and is Katy Jade Dobson's most comprehensive body of work to date, with 22 original paintings and 16 signed, numbered limited editions. These include new sized smaller works, amazing new wildlife pieces and inspiring figurative works. 

The 21 Grams Collection in Katy's words:

"A painting is the artist’s sigh on a canvas, the silhouette of their shadow, and their 21 grams.

An early 20th Century physician hoped to measure the mass of the human soul. He believed it to weigh 21 grams. Thought to be as real and prominent as a vital organ, yet no physical attributes could be found. Artists and scientists alike hunted for information on the location of the soul in the body to find that it rests on nothing seen by the eyes. This ideal that represents an entire being does not exist in physicality, yet we see it.

Each piece is an appreciation of its subject and a love for my inspirations. A collection ensouled and a moment in time captured in a prism, reflecting my everything onto a canvas.

Physically, this collection is about texture and atmosphere. Years of techniques, new avenues and an ache to work on my subjects in such a way has driven the visuals of the paintings forward. Finding the best translation for the essence of the subjects I had admired. Each individual oil painting has seen its own process of layers added and taken away with large movements and minuscule detail. Understanding calm natured species, tender families, frenzied ferocity and frantic outbursts of wingspans were a catalyst that helped begin this body of work. Otherworldly figures adorned with symbolism, with studies based on colours and shades have added a dimension that laces together through each disjointed section in harmony. Soft sombre states of negative space, with a kaleidoscope of jewel colours and embellishments all build the subject up from the inside out."

Prices start at £345 (framed) signed limited editions with originals available in the £6,000+ region. You can secure your pieces online or in the gallery. Please contact the team for further details.