BISH226 Audrey OV2.jpg
BISH226 Audrey OV2.jpg
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Artist: Rob Bishop

Edition size: Original - unique edition of 10

Medium: Mixed-media combining etching and multi-layered painting on maple wood

Total dimensions: 22.85" x 22.85" inches set in hand finished bespoke float frame to artist's specifications

Please note that each artwork is individually created in exactly the same process as a one off original by Rob and all "editions" are unique, varying slightly in finish and colour for a truly individual artwork.

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Rob Bishop is a Hertfordshire based artist who studied graphic design and model making at University. For the past few years he has worked as a cabinet maker and by combining all his skills he has developed a unique style of artwork that has caught public attention.

Rob uses a mixed media approach to his originals which combines etching on to maple wood with some degree of digital manipulation. He applies many layers of lacquer and stain and produces either a large one-off original or a series of 10 whereby each image is hand finished and coloured to ensure uniqueness in every piece. Each image is then signed and thumb printed.