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KJD - Concentration.jpg



Artist: Katy Jade Dobson

Edition size: 45 signed limited editions

Medium: Giclée on Hahnemühle paper

Total dimensions: 35.5" x 35.5" inches, framed in black to artist's specifications

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Katy Jade Dobson is a UK based artist working predominantly in oil paints. Originally from Yorkshire, Katy spent her childhood feeding her love for art with a self taught approach to drawing and painting. Pursuing art throughout her educated life through to the University of Lincoln where she currently resides, Katy applied her second love for wildlife and nature into her artistic ventures.

Inspired by the ethereal qualities of Odilon Redon and further by his use of vivid colour, Katy descended into opulent oil paintings of wildlife scenes and subjects of nature and animals depicting intricate detailing with spontaneous and kinetic overtones. Further admiration for elegance and richness of palette brought Katy to combine these loves to create oil paintings with a plethora of colour, and a blend of drama, harmony, presence and dissolve.

“If you have enjoyed my previous work then hopefully the Spectrum Collection will appeal to you with a chromatic explosion of my favourite jewel toned colours to embellish a variety of wildlife species, all regal, proud and spectacular in their own rights. My collection is a celebration of the beauty and abundance in nature and a practice of my painting style that is both intricate and loose, serene and chaotic. Also an amalgamation of traditional draft work oil painting, with abstract colour use and impasto tendencies.”

10% of the sales from the Spectrum Collection have been donated to the Born Free Foundation charitywhich endorsed Katy's debut portfolio and raised over £5,000 respectively.

The second collection by Katy Jade Dobson boasted a deluge of rich, vivacious colours and opulent textures in a joining of traditional oil painting with a modern presence. This coupling of classic inspirations and techniques, with contemporary deliverance shows a bold omnipresence throughout Katy's work.

Phosphenes (from the Greek word phōs light + phainein to show)

Based heavily around the word 'phosphenes' as inspiration for this chromatic collection, the idea manifests within the aesthetics of each painting as the appliqué, the composition and the subjects themselves. Each subject is built up by a kaleidoscopic arrangement, a series that is adorned with ancient symbolism and original use of symmetry to show a partial balance to which the heavy embellishments do not adhere to. Much like the erratic and abstract styling of the work in relation to its classic subjects.

Finding inspiration in the old masters' appreciation for wistful women and romantic visuals, free flowing elegance with willowy and ethereal intension, the subjects are submerged within exuberant embellishments of lavish colours and delicate details. The presence of wildlife interlaces throughout the collection as both symbolic connections or forefront subjects.

This collection celebrates a pure greed for colours, and to challenge the idea of the necessary reflections and absorptions of light to show 'true to nature' colours, when with the phenomena of phosphenes, no light needs to be present to see such a vibrant display.