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Louise McNaught - Transcending.png



Artist: Louise McNaught

Edition size: 25 signed limited editions

Medium: Giclée on Somerset paper

Total dimensions: Print is 23.5" x 23.5" inches (60cm x 60cm). Sold unframed.

In the artist's own words:

"This piece is of a White Bengal Tiger I encountered in Mauritius, who was part of an experience called 'Walk with Tigers'. The tigers were free to roam around a designated walk with you, and they were not restrained in any way - all you had was a stick and the tigers were taught not to come too close if you put out your stick. It was an amazing experience, we also has a lioness on our walk - and they were so beautiful close up. Bengal White Tigers haven't been seen in the wild since the 1950's, so only exist in captivity, which is quite sad and echoed in the disappearing nature of the painting...."

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Louise McNaught completed her Fine Art Degree BSc (Hons) in 2012 at the University of Greenwich, and she has continued to work as a professional artist ever since, with international representation....

Louise‘s creations feature nature, animals, and the celestial realm in glorious, blazing neon hues, where the animals are God-like, Sublime and ethereal in their luminescence. Not wishing to limit herself or her subject matter, McNaught has a mixed-media approach which usually manifests in painted-drawings on traditional and sometimes unusual supports, such as celestial maps. Her soft style suggests a delicate relationship between nature and ourselves, making a clear point about man's destruction of nature - which flutters jewel-like in the balance. By subverting traditional representation she hints at darker consequences, yet paradoxically giving animals an elevated status. Just as we use highlighter pens to mark areas of importance, McNaught is doing this with fluorescent paint. By drawing the viewers attention to the animals presence and energy, McNaught is hoping to share with the viewer the awe that the natural world inspires within her.

"Her work presents a pleasant balance between traditional technique and new age spunk" The Quiet Lunch Magazine